Modern writers, both freelance and full-time employed, need to think and act creatively.

When writing a book or an article, attracting reader's attention is one of the...

Even if you gained some experience in blogging, these tips will be of great use for you.

If you would like to become a writer, you need to learn how to express your ideas.

When writing your first post, it is important to concentrate on the topic of your message to...

Press releases are publications designed to promote events, new products or services.

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Professional writing is in high demand nowadays. The main reason of it is the power...

After completing your manuscript and signing the contract with the publishing...

When writing a short story or a fictional book, it is very important to create different...


HR Management

Author is a former army colonel turned business consulting mastermind. He will teach you the harsh but necessary art of firing wrong people. Thus your company will benefit from a diligent team and HR management.

Recruitment Facility

Learn the lost art of job interviews and psychological assessment of new recruits! Re-written, retold and retaught by Kevin Smith! Teach yourself and your HR department on how to pick apples from oranges, and good apples from bad ones.

Project Management

This business book aims to teach you the efficiency native to US army but on a corporate-scale level. Former US colonel will explain the vital importance of high performance. It is crucial for any kind of civilian running business.