After finishing school and graduating from the University as MA in Journalism, I attended several courses on professional writing that helped me a lot in my future.


After being employed at a local publishing house for three years, I tried to find a job corresponding to my professional education. That’s how I became a journalist at “Boston Times”.


In 2007 I received the Wicked Young Writer Award for my first book “Travelling Souls”. It served as a huge impact for me to continue my further way as a writer and social journalist.


Best Book

In 2007 I achieved a great success with my first book “Travelling Souls” where I described the life of people living far from civilization in developing countries all over the world. This book received the Wicked Young Artist Award for its  storytelling.

Innovative Plot Twist

My second book called “Life Road” is my first try in fictional literature. It contains three life stories of teenagers living in three different countries, whose lives do not appear to be connected. I was awarded with the Story Prize for this book in 2010.

The Best Young Writer

2012 was a really lucky year for me. I received a long-awaited award called “The Best Young Writer 2010” that proved my writing skills and allowed me to be recognized as a professional writer. It is one of my most highly valued awards.


Since 2007 I have been receiving a lot of requests about conducting courses for beginning writers, journalists and practicing writing professionals. That’s why I decided to design a course that would combine all the necessary lessons and tutorials about finding your style of writing and improving it if you already have one. This training includes studying of modern writing tendencies as well as a lot of practicing in writing short stories on a set topic. Together with my students I also discuss latest novelties in the world of literature. Everyone can join our lessons and discussions. Don’t miss your chance!



My primary interest lies in writing books about people. However, it may not always be a novel. Short stories are also on my list of literary works. Their topics mostly include stories about real people or some fictional plots, but I sincerely hope they are interesting for you.


I am also good at writing articles. My professional career started from being a journalist, and that’s why I am very good at it. If you are an editor of a magazine, and need services of a professional writer and journalist, feel free to contact me.


Copywriting is what I am interested in as much as in writing stories. During a certain period of my career I was working as a copywriter for the most respectable business websites. Now I’m glad to offer my services of copywriting to everyone who requires high quality texts.